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Author's CV

Author’s CV


Novelist and public intellectual, scenarist, television moderator, professor and former parliamentarian, Stelian Tănase lives in Bucharest where he writes fiction and teaches Political Science at theUniversity of Bucharest. An Academic Professor since 1995, he has recently finished a novel Câinii lui Pavlov / Pavlov’s Dogs. With Spanish and Polish novel translations forthcoming, his fiction has appeared in English at The Observer Translation Project, Exquisite Corpse, The Guardian. “Misty” is forthcoming,  March 2010 in Absinth: 13.


b. 1952, February 17, Bucharest


1977- 1996 Stelian Tănase graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy and History, at the University of Bucharest  in 1977. He earned a PhD from the University of Bucharest in 1996. He began his writing life as a suppressed novelist under the Ceausescu regime. His experiences in the jazz/rock underground inform the portrait of Securitate in his rock and roll novel, Corpuri de iluminat / Dark Bodies.



- Former member of Chamber of Deputies, the Parliament of Romania, 1992-1996

- Ex vice president of Foreign Affaire Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, 1992-1996




1982  Luxul melancoliei / The Luxury of Melancholy.  Bucharest: Cartea  Românească.

1990  Corpuri de iluminat / Dark Bodies. Bucharest.

1993  Luxul melancoliei / The Luxury of Melancholy, second edition. Bucharest: Humanitas.

1995  Playback. Bucharest: Fundaţia Culturală Română.

1998  Corpuri de iluminat / Dark Bodies, second edition. Bucharest: Alfa.

2004  Corpuri de iluminat / Dark Bodies, third edition. Iaşi: Polirom.

2004  Playback, second edition. Bucharest: Fundaţia Culturală Română.

2008  Luxul melancolie / The Luxury of Melancholy, third edition. Bucharest: Humanitas.

2008  Corpuri de iluminat / Dark Bodies, fourth edition. Bucharest: Humanitas.

2008  Playback, third edition. Bucharest: Humanitas.

2008  Maestro, o melodramă / Maestro: a Melodrama. Iaşi: Polirom.

Forthcoming Câinii lui Pavlov / Pavlov’s Dogs, a novel in progress.




1993  Şocuri şi crize / Shocks and Crises. Bucharestt: Staff.

1995  Ora oficială de iarnă / The Official Hour of Winter (journal notes 1986-1989). Iaşi:  Institutul European

1996  Sfidarea memoriei / The Defiance of Memory (with Alex. Paleologu, a dialogue between a writer and a former political prisoner, later Romanian Ambassador to France Iaşi: DU Style.

1996  Revolutia ca eşec. Elite şi societate / Revolution as Fiasco. Iaşi: Polirom.

1997  Anatomia mistificării / Anatomy of the Mystification. Bucharest: Humanitas.

1998  LA vs NY (An American Diary), Iaşi :Polirom.

1998, Elite si societate / Elites & Society (Romania under the Rule of Gheorghiu-Dej: 1948-1965). Bucharest:  Humanitas.

 1999  Miracolul revoluţiei / The Miracle of Revolution (A political history of the fall of the communist regimes). Bucharest:  Humanitas.

 2002 Acasă se vorbeşte în şoaptă / At Home There’s Only Speaking in a Whisper Bucharest:  Compania

2003  Anatomia mistificării / Anatomy of the Mystification, second edition. Bucharest: Humanitas.

2005  Clienţii lu’Tanti Varvara / Auntie Varvara’s Clients. Bucharest: Humanitas.
2006  Elite şi societate / Elites & Society (Romania under the Rule of Gheorghiu-Dej: 1948-1965), second edition. Bucharest:  Humanitas.

2007   LA vs NY (An American Diary), second edition. Bucharest: Humanitas.

2007  Revoluţia ca eşec. Elite şi societate / Revolution as Fiasco, second edition.  Bucharest: Humanitas

2007  At Home There’s Only Speaking in a Whisper. Translated by Sorana Corneanu.  Boulder and New York: East European Monographs. 

2007  Auntie Varvara’s Clients: Clandestines Histories ( an Interwar history of Romanian Communism). Translated by Alistaire Ian Blyth. New York: Spuyten Duyvil.

2008  Avangarda românească în arhivele de Siguranţă / The Romanian Avant-garde in the Securitate Archives. Iaşi: Polirom   

2008  Racovski. Dosar secret / Racovski: the Secret File. Iaşi: Polirom
2009 Istoria căderii regimurilor comuniste. Miracolul revoluţiei / History of the Fall of the Communist
         Regimes: the Miracle of Revolution, second edition (Note: the 1999 title was Miracolul revoluţiei.)
         Bucharest: Humanitas.
2009 Cioran, in the “Cahier” series, includes an essay by Stelian Tănase. Paris: L’Herne.
Forthcoming: Cioran şi Securitate / Cioran and Securitate. Bucharest: Polirom
Forthcoming: Auntie Varvara’s Clients: Clandestines Histories (an Interwar history of Romanian Communism).
         Translated by Alistair Ian Blyth. Plymouth: Plymouth University Press.
Forthcoming: Clienţii lu’ Tanti Varvara / Auntie Varvara’s Clients. Translation in process by Javier Marina.
         Spain : Mira.

Documentary Film Scenarios


1999                Assault on Heaven, 6 episodes x 52 minutes, television serial for Antena 1

2000                Struma-a ship to Palestine-2 episodes x 52 minutes television documentary for Antena 1

2004                The Visionaries: Five Portraits of Romanian Politicians in the 19th and 20th Century (Mihail Kogălniceanu, Ion Brătianu, Nicolae  Iorga, Nicolae Titulescu, Iuliu Maniu), documentary for Realitatea TV

2004               The History of Romanian elections: 20th Century, 6 episodes for Realitatea TV.

2005-2006      Dynasty: History of the Romanian Monarchy (1866-1974), 21 episodes x 26 minutes. For TVR 1

2006-2008       Bucharest: Strictly Secret—an underground history of Bucharest. 32 episodes x 26 minutes for Realitatea TV

2007                 Descriptio Moldaviae (Lat. Description of Moldavia), 6 episodes for teve.

2008                  Flight from Paradise,  a 90 minute documentary film



Television Broadcasts: Talk Show Hosting


April 1999 - June 1999: 2 + 1, weekly talk show, live, 30 minutes, Antena 1

September 1999 - June 2001: Orient Express, weekly talk show, live, two hours, Antena   1

December 2001 - February 2003 : 10:15, daily talk show, live, 75 minutes, Realitatea TV    

September 2003 - December 2003: The cutting machine, daily talk show, live, 52 minutes, TVR 1 

November 2004 - May 2005: 10:15, Monday-Thursday, 45-minutes talk show, live, Realitatea TV

January 2005 – September 2006  Seven Sharp. Talk show, live. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, for Realitatea TV

Summer 2006 – present 3 x 3. Talk show, live. Three topics, three discussants. Sunday. 90 minutes, for Realitatea TV

Summer 2006 –present:  Tănase and Dinescu. Talk show, live. Friday, for Realitatea TV.




1990   founding member and editor in chief, Revista 22

1992-present:  founder and editor in chief, Sfera Politicii (monthly political science review covering postcommunist Eastern Europe)




1993  Visiting Short-Term Fellow, Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars

1994  Visiting Scholar Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars

1996  Visiting Short Term Collaborative research project, with professor Gail Kligman, UCLA

1997  Fullbright Scholar, Post PhD grant, The New School for Social Research, New York


Languages:  English, French, Romanian

Information about journalistic writing and conference lectures available on request.

The Back Cover

A Writer De Luxe






Corpuri de iluminat

Bucharest: Cartea Românească, 1990

Corpuri de iluminat

Sugested English Title: Dark Bodies
Avangarda românească în arhivele Siguranţei

Iaşi: Polirom, 2008

Avangarda românească în arhivele Siguranţei

Sugested English Title: The Romanian Avant-garde in the Archives of the Secret Police
Racovski. Dosar secret

Iaşi: Polirom, 2008

Racovski. Dosar secret

Sugested English Title: Racovski: the Secret File

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