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Radu Cosaşu  (b. October 29, 1930, Bacău, Romania) is the nom de plume of Oscar Rohrlich.  A writer of fiction, essayist and editor, he lives and works in Bucharest, Romania where he works as an editor at Dilema şi Dilema Veche.



1948-1949:  Cosaşu studies for a year at the Faculty of Letters in Bucharest.

1952-1953:  His first published work appears in the Revista elevilor / The Pupils’ Magazine. He attends courses at the Mihai Eminescu School of Literature.

1953-1956: Cosaşu works variously as an editor at Scînteia tineretului / The Spark of Youth, as a milling machine operator at the New Times Factory (Uzinele Timpuri Noi), and then again as an editor at Scînteia tineretului / The Spark.

1956-1968:  Cosaşu is fired from his job after launching his theory “of the whole truth” at the 1956 Congress of Young Writers. He remains without official workplace for more than a decade.

1968-1987: Cosaşu finds employment as an editor at Cinema magazine

1993-present: Cosaşu works continuously as editor at Dilema şi Dilema veche.  He has maintained permanent columns at România literară /Literary Romanian, Tribuna / The Tribune, Flacăra / The Flame, and at two newspapers, Sport and Bucharest Information.



1973:  The “Ion Creanga” prize of the Romanian Academy.

1971: 1981; 1986: The Writers’ Union Prize

2000:  The Romanian Jewish Community Prize

2001:  The World Association of Jews of Romanian Origin Prize, Tel Aviv: 2001


Published Works:

1952: Servim Republica Populară Română / We Serve the Popular Republic of Romania. Bucharest: Editura Tineretului.     


1957: Opiniile unui pămîntean / Opinions of an Earth Dweller. Bucharest: Editura Tineretului.


1960:  Energii / Engergies. Bucharest:  ESPLA.


1961:  Lumină!, Din cronica hidrocentralei „V.I. Lenin“ / Light! Chronical of the the V. I. Lenin Hydro-electric Dam. Bucharest:  Editura Tineretului,


1962: Nopţile tovarăşilor mei / My Comrads’ Nights Bucharest: Editura Tineretului.

1964:  Un surîs la 6 dimineaţa / A Smile at Six in the Morning. Bucharest.


1965:  A înţelege sau nu / To Understand (or Not to Understand). Bucharest: Editura pentru literatură,


1965 : Vieţi paralele în toamna lui ’44 / Parallel Lives in the Fall of ’44. Bucharest: Editura pentru literatură.


1966 : Omul, dupa 33 ani, scapă /MAN ESCAPES AFTER 33 YEARS, Bucharest: Editura Tineretului .


1968 :  Maimuţele personale / Personal Monkeys. Bucharest: Editura pentru literatură,


1971:  Un august pe un bloc de gheaţă / August on a Block of Ice. Bucharest: Eminescu.


2003 : Un august pe un bloc de gheaţă (ediţia a II-a) / August on a Block of Ice. Bucharest: (electronic edition) LiterNet

1972:  Viaţa în filmele de cinema / Life in the Movies. Bucharest: Meridiane.


Supravieţuiri / The Survivals (a series of 6 vol.). Bucharest: Cartea Românească.

vol I-II,1973-1977

1973: vol.I  The Survivals. Bucharest:  Cartea Românească

1977:  vol II. The Survivals. Bucharest:  Cartea Românească

1980:  vol III: Meseria de nuvelist / Short Fiction for Fun and Profit. Bucharest: Cartea Românească

1983:  vol IV: Ficţionarii / The Offictioneers Bucharest: Cartea Românească

1985:  vol V: Logica / Logic. Bucharest: Cartea Românească

1989:  vol VI: Cap limpede / Putting the Paper to Bed. Bucharest: Cartea Românească



1974 :  Alţi doi ani pe un bloc de gheaţă / Two More Years on a Block of Ice. Bucharest : Solteris.


1974 :  Ocolul pămîntului în 100 de ştiri / Around the World in 100 Headlines. Bucharest : Cartea Românească.


1975:  Cinci ani cu Belphegor / Five Years with the Phantom. Bucharest: Sport-Turism.

1978:  Poveşti pentru a-mi îmblînzi iubita /Tales to Tame My Lover. Bucharest: Cartea Românească.


1981:  O vieţuire cu Stan şi Bran / A Life with Laurel and Hardy. Bucharest: Eminescu.


1987:  Sonatine / Sonatinas. Bucharest: Cartea Românească.


1993:  Mătuşile din Tel Aviv / The Aunts from Tel Aviv. Bucharest:  Impex ’92.


1997:  O supravieţuire cu Oscar /Surviving with Oscar, Bucharest: Hasefer.


1998:  ÎnSISIFicarea la noi, pe Boteanu / InSisiphication: Home Style. Bucharest: Fundaţiei Culturale Române.


2001 Autodenunţuri şi precizări (plus cîteva note informative, o addenda şi spovedania unui comunist  convins) / Self-Denunciation: Explanations, Informative Notes, Addenda and Confession of a Convinced Communist. Bucharest: Hasefer.


Supravieţuirile/ The Survivals (6 vol.):

2002   vol I: Rămăşiţe mic-burgheze / Petit Bourgeois Remains, Bucharest: Fundaţiei PRO.

2003  vol II: Armata mea de cavalerie /My Cavalry.  Buchurest: Fundaţiei PRO.

2004  vol III: Logica /Logic. Bucharest:  Fundaţiei PRO.

2005  vol IV:Pe vremea cînd nu mă gîndeam la moarte /Back When I Wasn’t Thinking of Death, Bucharest: Fundaţiei PRO.

2006  vol V: Gărgăunii / Bee-Bothered.   Bucharest: Fundaţiei PRO

2007  vol VI: În jungla unui bloc de gheaţă / In the Jungle of an Ice Block. Iaşi: Polirom, Colecţia „Eco-grafii“

2008:  Opere I. Maimuţele personale. Poveşti pentru a-mi îmblînzi iubita. Alţi doi ani pe un bloc de gheaţă / Collected Works ( Personal Monkeys, Stories to Tame My Lover, Two More Years on a Block of Ice)  Iaşi: Polirom.

The Back Cover

Radu Cosaşu’s gift of storytelling… places him among our great writers. The Czechs have Hrabal and Kundera, the Albanians Kadare, the Hungarians Imre Kertész, and we have Cosaşu. So it can’t be said that we’re doing badly. —Ştefan Agopian // With many thanks to the website of the Romanian Jewish Community, OTP invites you to visit http://www.romanianjewish.org/en/realitatea_evreiasca_04_05.html for further discussion of Radu Cosaşu by fellow writers and peers.





Bucharest: ESPLA, 1960


Sugested English Title: Energies
Supravieţuirile VI, În jungla unui bloc de gheaţă

Iaşi: Polirom, 2007

Supravieţuirile VI, În jungla unui bloc de gheaţă

Sugested English Title: The Survivals VI, In the Jungle of an Ice Block
Opere I. Maimuţele personale. Poveşti pentru a-mi îmblînzi iubita. Alţi doi ani pe un bloc de gheaţă

Iaşi: Polirom, 2008

Opere I. Maimuţele personale. Poveşti pentru a-mi îmblînzi iubita. Alţi doi ani pe un bloc de gheaţă

Sugested English Title: Collected Works I (Personal Monkeys, Stories to Tame My Lover, Two More Years on a Block of Ice)

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