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Gabriela Adameşteanu, novelist, journalist, editor, activist, translated into eight languages


b. April 2, 1942. Târgu Ocna, Bacău, Romania


1963-1990:  After graduating in 1965 with a degree in Romanian Language and Literature from the University of Bucharest, Gabriela Adameşteanu worked for two Romanian publishing houses sucessively, Editura Ştiinţifică şi Enciclopedică (The Scientific and Encyclopedic  Press) and Cartea Românească (The Romanian Book).

1992-2005: editor-in-chief of Revista 22, an influential political, social, economic and cultural weekly founded immediately after the Romanian revolution

2004-present: edits Bucureştiul Cultural / Cultural Bucharest.


1975  Drumul egal al fiecărei zile / The Equal Way of Every Day. Bucharest:  Cartea Românească.

1978  Drumul egal al fiecărei zile / The Equal Way of Every Day, second edition. Bucharest: Eminescu.

            1992  Drumul egal al fiecărei zile / The Equal Way of Every Day, third edition.    Bucharest:  Litera.

2004  Drumul egal al fiecărei zile / The Equal Way of Every Day,  fourth edition. The Romanian Cultural Institute.

            2007 Drumul egal al fiecărei zile (The Equal Way of Every Day) / Vse sistchaiat pit, den sled den. Translated into Bulgarian by Roumiana Stantcheva. Sofia:   Balkani 93.

            2008  Drumul egal al fiecărei zile / The Equal Way of Every Day, fifth (revised) edition. Iaşi: Polirom.


1979  Dăruieşte-ţi o zi de vacanţă / Give Yourself a Day Off (short fiction). Bucharest: 

            Cartea Românească.

            1989  Dăruieşte-ţi o zi de vacanţă  (Give Yourself a Day Off) (short fiction) / Podari sebe deni kanikuli.
            Translated into Russian by Tatiana Ivanovna. Moscow:  Raduga.

            2002   Dăruieşte-ţi o zi de vacanţă / Give Yourself a Day Off (short fiction),           second edition. Piteşti: Paralela 45.


1984   Dimineaţa pierdută / Wasted Morning. Bucharest: Cartea Românească.

            1991 Dimineaţa pierdută / Wasted Morning, second edition.  Bucharest:    Albatros

1991  Dimineaţa pierdută (Wasted Morning) / Kaotatud hommik. Translated by Natalia Alver and Riina Jesmin. Tallinn:  Eesti Raamat

            1998  Dimineaţa pierdută  / Wasted Morning, third edition. Bucharest:  Gramar.

            2004 Dimineaţa pierdută / Wasted Morning, fourth edition. Iaşi: Polirom.

            2005 Dimineaţa pierdută /Un Matineé Perdue. Traduit du roumain: Alain Paruit. Paris:  Gallimard.

            2007 Dimineaţa pierdută (Wasted Morning)/ Boker avud. Translated into   Hebrew by Yotam Reuveny. Tel Aviv: Nymrod Books


1989  Vară-primăvară / Summer-Spring,  (short fiction). Bucharest:  Cartea Românească.


2003  Întâlnirea / The Encounter. Iaşi: Polirom.

2005  Întâlnirea  (The Encounter) / Presrestchanie. Translated into Bulgarian by Roumiana Stancheva. Sofia: Panorama.

            2007 Întâlnirea  (The Encounter) / A Találkozáz. Translated into Hungarian by Csiki László. Budapest: Palamart.

            2007  Întâlnirea / The Encounter, second (revised) edition. Iaşi: Polirom.


Online selections

a section from “Strada Coriolan,” Wasted Morning.  Translated into English by Patrick Camiller Words Without Borders..


a section from The Encounter. Translated into English by Jean Harris and Constantin Virigil Bânescu.



2000:  Cele două Românii / The Two Romanias. Journalism, memoir. Iaşi: Institutul European.

2005:  Obsesia politicii / Political Obsession. Interviews. Bucharest: Clavis.   



Gabriela Adameşteanu has appeared in numerous translations including:

Les belles etrangers. 12 ecrivains roumanines. Anthology ed. Centre National de Livre, Paris: Linventaire 2005.

The short stories collected in Summer-Spring (Cartea Românească, 1989) have been translated into German, English, Hungarian, Dutch, Russian, and Estonian, and have appeared in anthologies and magazines.



Literary awards

1975:  Drumul egal al fiecărei zile / The Equal Way of Every Day ( Bucharest:  Cartea Românească) received the Romanian  Writer’s Union Prize for a debut novel.

1975:  Drumul egal al fiecărei zile / The Equal Way of Every Day ( Bucharest:  Cartea Românească) received the Romanian Academy prize.

1984:  Dimineaţă pierdută / Wasted Morning awarded the Romanian Writer’s Union’s annual prize.

1984: Întâlnirea / The Encounter.( Iaşi: Ploirom) received the( Ziarul de Iaşi) Iaşi Newspaper Prize.

year Întâlnirea / The Encounter. ( Iaşi: Polirom) received the Revista Ateneu (Atheneum Review) Prize



1984        Dimineaţă pierdută / Wasted Morning. Dramatized by director Cătălina Buzoianu at the Bulandra Theater.

2007    :Dramatized for radio by director Cătălina Buzoianu



Translations by Gabriela Adameşteanu

1978 Guy de Maupassant. Pierre şi Jean /Pierre and Jean. Bucharest: Eminescu.

2003  Hector Bianciotti. Fără îndurarea lui Christos / Without the Mercy of Christ. Bucharest:  Cartea Românească

Other involvements of note

1998-2001: member of “Women’s Edition” a team of international editors.

2002: awarded the Hellmann Hammett Grant by Human Rights Watch.

2005: special guest at Les Belles Etrangeres festival in France.

2004-2006: President of Romanian PEN.

2006: participated in the Literaturfestival, Berlin, Germany.

2006:  short listed for the Prix Union Latine.

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Drumul egal al fiecărei zile

Bucharest: Eminescu, 1978

Drumul egal al fiecărei zile

Edition: second edition
Sugested English Title: The Equal Way of Every Day

Iaşi: Polirom, 2007


Edition: second (revised) edition
Sugested English Title: The Encounter

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